The Lu.C.C.A. - Lucca Center of Contemporary Art has been set up within the Boccella Palace, an old building situated in the historical centre of Lucca, a few steps from the famous Piazza dell’Anfiteatro. The areas of the museum are distributed over all five floors of the historic building. All the floors of the building are connected by a lift and a pietra serena stairway.

From the main entrance, one arrives at the level of a raised ground floor, within a large room to welcome the visitors where there is a reception desk. On the same floor you find the gourmet Restaurant “L’imbuto”, the giftshop, the Lu.C.C.A. Lounge, cloakroom and the restroom. In the basement, besides the service entrance, there is the Lu.C.C.A. Underground. At the first and second floors are the 8 exposition rooms of the museum. All these rooms have been made with the intent of creating completely aseptic containers: white boxes able to receive any work or installation of contemporary art. The museum offices are situated on the third floor: meeting rooms, administrative offices and archive.  



President Angelo Parpinelli

Executive Director Maurizio Vanni

Board of directors Angelo Parpinelli, Daria Nicolai

Head of Events Antonio Parpinelli

Head of External Relations and Press Agent Michela Cicchinè

Events Coordination Fabrizio Bolaffio

Secretarial office Sara Del Carlo

Architect Museographer Giuseppe Cipolla

Facility Manager Gianni Francesconi

Legal Advisor Massimo Giannoni

Administration Manager Giovanna Onori

Press Office Spaini&Partners, Pisa

Insurance Generali, Agenzia Generale di Lucca

Surveillance Fidelitas S.p.A., Lucca