Luci del destino. Christian Balzano

Snorting bulls, powerful bulls, enraged bulls, meditative bulls, rampant bulls, silent bulls or bulls as masters of their own destiny. Christian Balzano idealizes the figure of the animal, and sets it up as a metaphor of human existence, the main player of a bullfight, as a man in his own life, at the heart of the action, ready to rise up against its persecutor or to suffer passively its own predicament. The exhibition poses an existential dilemma: do we face up to events, thereby risking being the main players of our own lives or do we stand by, looking at the world as from a muffled cell where everything is terribly indistinct? The artist, through his work, makes us reflect upon the importance of the choices in our lives: observing one of his creations is like looking within and becoming masters of our own destinies.

Looking at the bulls’ heads, everyone has the opportunity to perceive either a simple form or else to see a way forward, a route ahead. Just as in life when we have to make a quick decision that will open up certain opportunities but exclude others. Every bull's head is a choice, or rather a certainty that has been achieved or something that has been given up, otherwise the moment comes when it is necessary to go the whole hog (literally in Italian, “to cut off the bull's head”). Making a choice means going forward, taking it further; not choosing means living with regrets. Luci del Destino (Lights of Destiny) lays out options before the visitor and who knows which path will be chosen.

Dec 13th, 2009 - Feb 14th, 2010