Bruno Pedrosa. Presagi

The main theme of the exhibition is the "omen," a premonitory sign of future events which the artist challenges and transforms into a concrete symbol capable of evoking something that is absent or impossible to perceive. The exhibition presents some forty works – drawings, oil or tempera paintings, sculptures – that suggest this idea of fluctuation between past and future, finite and infinite, reality and lucid illusion.

Pedrosa's works do not express what is perceptible in nature but something that comes from deep, contemplative consciousness: his structures, whether of line or matter, originate in invisible intimate feeling. Pedrosa does not replicate reality, but unveils its energy and essence: he simplifies the forms and draws out their vital power. In his oil paintings the process of synthesis produces an explosion of lines and tangles of color, while in his works on paper the straight lines overlap to form a tightly woven fabric.

His works, however, are not only a play of forces, but become metaphors for the inscrutability of a higher plan. The webs he weaves appear to symbolize the intricate course chosen for us by a divine will. The paths traced out by Pedrosa seem to take on a magical charge, a meaning that is positive in any case, a hymn of praise to seeking through life. Along this path of discovery, the foreseeable and the imponderable, will and action, the unknown and self-awareness, fear of the path and striving towards freedom come together. Pedrosa's mazes are mirrors of reality, rites of passage that are hard to avoid.

Feb 4th - Mar 18th, 2012