Nam Hong

Born and raised in Korea (Degu), Nam Hong made her home in France several years ago.

Surprisingly, Nam Hong's art expresses both her passion for life with the poetry of ashes. To understand Nam Hong's art we must look at her childhood as her art is deeply rooted in her family mystery and the death of her beloved grandmother has had a great impact on the development of her art. Nam Hong's art proceeds from the idea of sufferings and embraces both life and death, through some sort of unending collision between passion and decay. Beyond fire and ashes, an inner voice has always guided Nam Hong in her artistic experience: a voice rising from multi-millenary Korean rich shamanic traditions as well as contemporary western issues. This is why Nam Hong's art is so unique in essence as it creates a bridge between the East and the West. She also makes the viewer more conscious of ecological issues and natural resources, she has developed a technique that mixes collage and the superimposing of objects to create an individual artistic language.

Nam Hong’s paintings suggestively represent the rotation of all things that connect endlessly, and also show that the dance and performance are process of arousing the loop of circulation. The butterfly images that frequently appear in her work on canvas, with candlelight and papers that are burnt to ashes are all meant to show the cycle of life that leads from creation and existence to extinction.“

(Kim Young-ho)

23 novembre - 18 dicembre 2013